Workforce Wellness for Mid-Level Leaders

A series of trainings to advance your leadership skills in building wellness within your workplace.

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Learn about organizational structures, best practices, and health promotion strategies to promote employee wellness and retention.

Leading in health care can provide lots of opportunities for creating change for staff wellness, but it can be confusing and overwhelming figuring out how to start. Comprehensive workplace wellness depends upon organizational structures that encourage, model, and facilitate healthy workplace practices and culture, not just employees' personal wellness strategies.  

Wellness at Work supports mid-level managers and other participants' efforts to create a culture and structure that leads to staff wellness, increases retention, and promotes safety and quality.

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Workforce Wellness for Mid-Level Leaders

A training series that promotes staff wellness. Achieve better retention for those who hire, lead, and manage frontline staff.

  • Learn about the Surgeon General's Framework for workplace wellbeing and how it can be implemented in the workplace.
  • Implement strategies to develop healthy and effective teams.
  • Discover leadership skills for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to foster an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Establish effective Human Resources policies that value employees and support work/life balance.
  • Build clear, concise, and effective communication practices within your organization.


Diversity is a fact, representing the rich tapestry of perspective and experiences that make our organizations thrive.


True equity is a choice, one that requires deliberate actions and intentional strategies to level the playing field for all employees.


Inclusion, the active pursuit of creating a sense of belonging for every individual, is where the transformative power of DEIB comes to live.


Belonging is an outcome that empowers individuals to contribute, connect, and flourish within the workplace.

Reference Credit: Arthur Chan

Curriculum Structure…


  • 3-hour online zoom sessions guided by expert facilitators.
  • Access to a wide range of resources, strategies, skills, tools, tip sheets, and more.
  • Join us for one module or more. Choose sessions that interest you and meet your specific needs.

All trainings offer continuing education units through MHACBO or SHRM and are earned by hours attended.

How do I sign up?

Choose one or more trainings that work for your specific needs. 

Each session meets a set of objectives that build skills and benefit you and your organization.

Session 1 

Employee Wellness and the Trauma Informed Workplace

  • Understand the structure, expectations, and requirements of the training series.
  • Identify the five elements of the Surgeon Generals’ Framework for Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace.
  • State a working definition of workforce wellness.
  • Develop a policy and procedure for identifying, processing, and reducing workplace trauma.
  • List at least three resources/tools to promote employee wellness in the workplace.
Another session coming this Fall

3-hour online session $100 or $25 with scholarship. Apply below.

Session 2 

Developing a Healthy Effective Team

  • Name at least five characteristics of an effective team.
  • List at least five resources, including technological, needed to optimize effectiveness.
  • Describe the role of supervisor in creating a healthy, well-functioning team.
  • Be able to use a variety of tools to describe an employee’s scope.
  • Define a policy and practices that support employees working at the top of their scope.
Another Session coming 2025

3-hour online session $100 or $25 with scholarship. Apply below.

Session 3 

Creating and Maintaining a Resilient Organizational Culture

  • Define the concept of organizational justice.
  • Identify at least three components of organizational resilience in the healthcare sector.
  • Describe the importance of practicing and modeling health and wellness at all levels of the organization.
  • Take a leadership role in implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at all levels of the organization.

3-hour online session $100 or $25 with scholarship. Apply below.

Session 4 

Recognizing and Valuing Your Organization’s Most Important Asset

  • Establish clear, concise, effective HR policies, including a plan for ongoing revision and adaptation.
  • Establish a program of meaningful employee recognition.
  • Articulate policies for equitable pay scales and structures that monetize value for multiple employee domains.
  • Describe policies and practices that support work/life balance.
  • Design effective professional development policies, practices, and tools.
Coming September 2024

3-hour online session $100 or $25 with scholarship. Apply below.

Session 5 

Clear, Consistent and Effective Communication

  • Set clear and consistent expectations of all staff regarding communication.
  • Effectively communicate about organizational changes.
  • Establish mechanisms to amplify employee voice in organizational planning and decision making.
  • Articulate clear and timely processes for communication feedback loops.
  • Identify and implement channels for effective and efficient communication for all types of information.
Coming October 2024

3-hour online session $100 or $25 with scholarship. Apply below.

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Scholarships & Opportunities...


Scholarships for Workforce Wellness for Mid-Level Leaders are widely available for those who qualify.



iPad devices are available for your health and wellness needs to those that qualify. Must be attending one of our Wellness at Work programs to qualify. 


Meet Your Facilitators

Lisa Ladendorff, LCSW, CHW

Lisa is the Development and Training Program Director. She has trained, mentored, and supervised public health, community mental health, and non-profit leadership staff throughout Oregon. She has experience in community health assessment, health systems planning, and grant writing and management. 

Edna Murrieta, MS Ed, CHW

Edna is the DEI and Training Coordinator at NEON. She has worked in higher education supporting students from marginalized communities to achieve success in higher education. She is a valuable asset and advocate in NEON’s efforts to address diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally and in the services we provide. 

What Participants are Saying...

"The safe place to share and learn from one another in groups was very meaningful. We don't often have time to collaborate with other professionals outside of our day to day scope of practice. It's nice to have outside perspectives and know that we have support."

"I appreciate the situational examples as it makes it even more relatable for me."

"I liked the setting of the crisis appropriate principles Overall, I realize how great it would have been to have some of this prior to the pandemic in place. It has been really valuable to look retroactively at all the things we could have done better had we had this information and planned in advance."

Frequently Asked Questions

NEON is a connector, innovator, and expert resource

Rural and culturally underserved communities in Oregon are often under-resourced, particularly in their capacity to support the health of residents. As a result, barriers to community health can be enormous—providers experience gaps in funding, technology, and training; community members commonly have limited access to information and care. Our mission at NEON is to create a healthier Oregon. We accomplish this by reducing barriers for both residents and the systems that support their health. We are connectors, innovators and experts. We connect people and organizations to one another and to resources they need to meet their goals. By thinking out of the box and harnessing the creativity of our communities, we help lead the development of solutions to the unique challenges faced in our region. We make it our priority to learn and share policy, practice, and tools that will help others accomplish more. We believe that by working together, the communities of Oregon can move from surviving to healthy, happy, and thriving.

Our History

Northeast Oregon Network (NEON) is a 501​(c)3 nonprofit health collaborative originally serving Union, Wallowa, and Baker counties in Northeast Oregon and recently expanded into Umatilla and Malheur counties.  NEON was launched in 2004 by a small group of individuals who recognized the value of community collaboration in ensuring the health of our residents.

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