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Who Are We?


NEON is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, with a comprehensive training and consulting program offering online (or in person upon request) trainings and workshops. We provide training opportunities to Executive Directors, HR, C-Suite staff, Community Health Workers, Traditional Health Workers, Social Workers, and other frontline staff across the State of Oregon.

We are passionate about systemic changes to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging which is why these ideal principles are instilled in all of our offerings. Our goal is to offer healthcare professionals in Oregon opportunities to build knowledge and skills within their profession, while gaining confidence to learn fundamental practice techniques for systemic changes.

All of our trainings and workshops, offer continuing education units through MHACBO, NASW, or SHRM and are earned by hours attended. We also can provide custom training dates to organizations needing a large group to attend as well as custom training curriculum that aligns with our mission, vision, and values.

Contact Kinda Cable at [email protected] for more information.

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Trainings to Support You and Your Organization

Supervising for Resilience
Wellness at Work for Healthcare Executives
Self-Care at Work
CHW Certification Training
Rural Oregon Opioid Trainings
Tobacco Cessation Skills
Workforce Wellness for Mid-Level Leaders
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Wellness at Work Training Program

NEON's Wellness at Work project supports the health care workforce throughout Oregon by providing training to frontline staff working with rural or culturally underserved populations. We also offer training for supervisors and administrators who support this workforce.

Trainings offered in this program: Supervising for Resilience, Wellness at Work for Healthcare Executives. Self-Care at Work series includes: Take Care of Yourself, Inside Job, Dynamic Duo, Set Your Scene, and For the Fun of It.

*Scholarships and iPads widely available for this program. Scholarships cover a portion of the full price towards the Supervising for Resilience and Workforce Wellness for Mid-Level Leaders trainings. 

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Rural Oregon Opioid Trainings

NEON's Removing Community Risks for Opioid Misuse in Eastern Oregon training project works with the direct service workforce from multiple fields. In these sessions, workers build their knowledge and skills  to work with people who struggle with opioid misuse.  

Topics covered: Brain basics, Compassion Fatigue and Addiction, Family Impacts, Health Risks of Opioid Addiction, Motivational Interviewing and Addiction, and Medication Assisted Treatment and How to Support It.


Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification Course

CHWs are found in all sorts of settings, working to address systemic inequities and reduce barriers to health care for our communities' most vulnerable. They are there to build bridges between underserved communities and the health care services they need. 

In this course, participants share and learn about the roles of CHWs and a range of topics relevant to their work. By the end, they have a big-picture understanding of community and public health and the ways they can have a positive impact. NEONs CHW certification course is a 90-hour training approved by the Oregon Health Authority and runs three times a year.


Tobacco Cessation Skills Training

Tobacco cessation is a complex process that requires not only a personal commitment, but also access to cessation resources, and the availability of a social support system.

This training series provides an overview of the nature, extent and impact of tobacco use on health. It also offers a detailed exploration of counseling and support strategies that Community Health Workers and other front line staff can implement with those patients interested in tobacco cessation or quitting.


* Looking for a different training topic? View our complete list of available Training Topics HERE.  

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About Our Trainings
  • Trainings are held online via Zoom but in-person accommodations can be made upon request.¬†

  • All trainings are in real time and use popular education methods.
  • Targeted audiences include the broader state of Oregon with a focus on those working with rural and¬†culturally underserved¬†populations.¬†

  • Collectively the trainers have over 40 years of experience in training, curriculum development, and human services.¬†

  • Continuing Education Units are offered for all our trainings and workshops.

Meet the NEON training team

Lisa Ladendorff, LCSW, CHW

Lisa is the Development and Training Program Director. She has trained, mentored, and supervised public health, community mental health, and non-profit leadership staff throughout Oregon. She has experience in community health assessment, health systems planning, and grant writing and management. 

Connie Sherrard, MSW, CHW

Connie is the Training Manager at NEON.  She has spent her career working in human services, mostly devoted to families and children.  She is passionate about helping people become better advocates for equity and access for all.

Edna Murrieta, MS. Ed, CHW

Edna is the DEI and Training Coordinator at NEON. She has worked in higher education supporting students from marginalized communities to achieve success in higher education. She is a valuable asset and advocate in NEON’s efforts to address diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally and in the services we provide. 

Kinda Cable, BS, CHW

Kinda is the Training Program Project Manager, a position that coordinates activities for the training program, assists in registration and scholarships, data collection, marketing, visual and website design, and provides participant support. Kinda is a lifelong rural who studied at Westwood College online where she earned her BS in Visual Communications. 

Cami Miller, PSS, CHW

Cami Miller is the Training Coordinator at NEON. She was trained by NEON as a CHW in 2017, and contracted with them with various projects over the years. She also worked as a certified recovery mentor with substance use, as a mental health peer support person and as a CHW in houselessness. She recently joined NEON as trainer and is excited to be back where her ardor for traditional health work began.

Meet our Contract Trainers

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What's Happening with the NEON Training Team!


This March the NEON Training Team traveled to Boston, Massachusetts's to attend the Work Change Collaborative Conference. The conference hosted 23 organizations from all across the country who received the Workforce Wellness project supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

The NEON team enjoyed conversing with other organizations about their project offerings and direction, made new connections, brainstormed ideas to better our program, and had a wonderful time wandering around Boston seeing new sites. 

It was a fantastic learning experience and we look forward to the next Conference.

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Hear From Our Participants

"Really appreciate how well you integrate chat and breakout with the teaching portions". - Opioid Addiction Training Participant

"The content was great and very useful. It was delivered in a manner that was easy to understand." - Compassion Fatigue Training Participant 

Frequently Asked Questions

NEON is a connector, innovator, and expert resource

Rural and culturally underserved communities in Oregon are often under-resourced, particularly in their capacity to support the health of residents. As a result, barriers to community health can be enormous‚ÄĒproviders experience gaps in funding, technology, and training; community members commonly have limited access to information and care. Our mission at NEON is to create a healthier Oregon. We accomplish this by reducing barriers for both residents and the systems that support their health. We are connectors, innovators and experts. We connect people and organizations to one another and to resources they need to meet their goals. By thinking out of the box and harnessing the creativity of our communities, we help lead the development of solutions to the unique challenges faced in our region. We make it our priority to learn and share policy, practice, and tools that will help others accomplish more. We believe that by working together, the communities of Oregon can move from surviving to healthy, happy, and thriving.

 Our History

‚ÄčNortheast Oregon Network (NEON) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit health collaborative originally serving Union, Wallowa, and Baker counties in Northeast Oregon and recently expanded into Umatilla and Malheur counties. ¬†NEON was launched in 2004 by a small group of individuals who recognized the value of community collaboration in ensuring the health of our residents.
The Workforce Wellness project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $2,280,666 with 0% financed with non-governmental sources. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.