Rural Oregon Opioid Trainings

Broaden your understanding of addiction, the availability of resources, and ways to help community members move towards positive changes and better health.


NEON's Removing Community Risks for Opioid Misuse in Eastern Oregon is a grant-funded program that works with community partners who support individuals at risk for or diagnosed with substance or opioid use disorder. 

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NEON offers a series of trainings on opioid misuse and addiction, targeted to Law Enforcement, Health Care Workers, CHWs, THWs, and Community Members. Trainings include:


Two- to four-hour trainings on a variety of topics, including:  

Brain Basics, Motivational Interviewing for Addictions, Compassion Fatigue for Addiction, Health Risks of Opioid Use, Family Impacts of Opioid Use, What is Medication-Assisted Treatment and How to Support It..


If you would like more information about our grant or a specific training or topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lisa Ladendorff¬†at [email protected]

Brief Training Descriptions:

  • Brain Basics: Understand the anatomy, development, and functions of the brain, particularly in the context of substance or opioid use disorders.

  • Motivational Interviewing for Addictions: Designed to help health and social service providers better serve individuals with substance use disorders or opioid use disorders.

  • Compassion Fatigue for Addiction: Learn how to help individuals gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral distress and how it pertains to addiction.

  • Health Risks of Opioid Misuse:¬†Broaden your understanding of the physical and mental health risks associated with opioid misuse and how to connect community members to relevant resources and services.

  • Family Impacts of Opioid Misuse:¬†Learn more about opioid misuse response, infection risks for PWID, and strategies to interact with the support individuals with SUD/OUD to continue medical treatment.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment and How to Support It: (MAT) is used to treat substance use disorders as well as sustain recovery and prevent overdose. Learn how to connect community members to (MAT) services and collaborate with providers to support community success.

Current Available Online Trainings:

Motivational Interviewing and Addictions

Sharpen your skills in helping people move toward positive changes and better health using motivational interviewing tactics and practices. This training is designed to help health and social service providers better serve individuals with substance use disorders and/or opioid use disorders.

Offered Online    August 19, 2024 from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PT

 Topics Include:

  • Articulate personal challenges when working with those living with addiction.
  • Understand the layers of defense in addiction.
  • Define MI and when is should be used.
  • Understand the spirit of MI.
  • Name the stages of change and how they relate to MI.
  • Identify change talk in individuals living with addiction.
  • Use reglections in working with individuals living with addiction.
  • Use the process of decisional balance with individuals living with addiction.

*This training offers 4 CEU contact hours for THW and MHACBO. 

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Future Trainings

More trainings coming in the future. 

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