Take Care of Yourself:

Exploring strategies for personal and workplace wellness

Working on the front lines of health care and behavioral health is exciting, fulfilling, and gratifying. It can also be stressful and overwhelming. Long hours working with people who are struggling to stay healthy while dealing with lots of personal, economic, and social challenges can really take its toll.
For only $100 you get a 3-hour workshop that outlines what compassion fatigue is, how it differs from burnout and the role of both the workplace and the worker in addressing it. Participants will come out of this session with a personal plan to prevent or reduce compassion fatigue and burnout.
Target audience: Community Health Workers and other Traditional Health Workers, eligibility specialists, patient navigators, CADCs, case managers, and those who supervise front-line health and behavioral health staff.
Workshop formally named: Compassion Fatigue.
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Compassion Fatigue

A 4-hour online course designed to help health and social service providers better serve themselves to stay in the field long-term by achieving compassion satisfaction.

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Additional Registration Benefits:

Below are benefits for this workshop. Please check out additional trainings and workshops offered by our NEON Training team.

 Compassion Satisfaction & Self-Care Community

A space for you to gather with other participants to share information, stay up to date. 


Scholarship Opportunity


 We offer scholarships for those eligible. Scholarships cover $75 of the $100 cost of training.

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This training offers CEU Hours


You will receive up to 3 Continued Education Units. 

Certifications will be uploaded into student accounts post attendance.

This training will be held via zoom

Join us anywhere that has decent internet. 

If you need help technical support during training let us know.

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"The training was well structured and had a good flow. I learned a lot about the topics that were provided."

- Participant from March 30, 2022

"Loved the interactive aspect of the training: jamboard, breakout groups. I felt more part of the group and included."

- Participant from May, 2022

 Workplace resilience is a dynamic interactive process within and between the person and their environment that promotes positive adaption to adverse events and restores well-being.

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